How's a newcomer supposed to get the experience to land tasty jobs? Of course, professional coaching is a must, but it's not the first step for most, and holding your own in a pro class when you're new can be daunting. It's been a catch-22 for too long.

That's why we developed MONTHLY PRACTICE & FEEDBACK, an affordable, low-pressure way to train your voice, and get a mini-critique, too. We serve up a fresh script the first Friday of each month, offering a monthly challenge for you to explore. You simply pay $20, practice the script, and submit your recorded read to us by the following Monday. Our team of wise agents and coaches listens to your work and sends brief feedback to your inbox by that next Friday. Join us once, or as often as you like.


AUGUST 2nd = script available

AUGUST 5th = practice .mp3 due 5pm PST

AUGUST 12th = feedback delivered to your inbox

August Monthly Practice
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Already a pro? Visit our friends at The Voiceover Collective for their twice monthly, pro-focused workout with detailed in-depth feedback.