Adobe Audition: Create, mix, and design sound effects with this audio editing software, cost: Monthly subscription

Reaper: Audio production without limits, cost: $60

Ocen Audio: Easy, fast and powerful audio editor, cost: FREE DOWNLOAD

Sound Studio 4: For Mac, digitize audio, make live recordings apply digital effects with ease, cost: $60.00,

TwistedWave: [audio editor]: For Mac, easy to use, fast, powerful, available for Mac, iPhone, iPad and online, cost: $80

SONY Sound Forge: Define the edge with audio editing, for Microsoft, cost: $30

Audacity: Cross-platform audio editor, cost: FREE DOWNLOAD

Garage Band: Fully equipped voice and music studio for Mac, cost: FREE DOWNLOAD

Logic Pro: All the power you need in production and all the creativity you want in music, for Mac, cost: $199

Pro Tools: Everything you need to compose, record, edit, and mix audio—in the studio or in the cloud, from anywhere, cost: Varies VO STRAIGHT TALK: Pro Tools has a higher learning curve and is more than a beginner needs to start out, but it is the choice of many working pros.

*Great article on how to choose the best DAW [Digital Audio Workstation] for you.

GSiVO Team