Where We're Coming From

Big companies with big brands can launch blogs with the expectation that droves of followers will flock to their comments sections and start posting away. Most other folks will be “shouting into the void” for a while before their audience grows, which might feel quite familiar. Then there’s what happens when a voiceover agency launches a new site, no matter how big, small or in-between—the deluge of demos, emails and inquiries from talent just like you.

This is not to puff ourselves up, or to protest. This is merely the context, the sea in which we all swim today. Voiceover is ubiquitous and the old hurdles to entry, both technological and experiential, are fading fast. So, naturally, all sorts of people from all around the world are stepping up to the mic. And of course you’ve got questions. We’d have questions, too, if we were new.

An inundation of neophytes means that many of those questions go unanswered. Talent getting ignored or rejected repeatedly get disgruntled, desperate to stand out, and sometimes downright pushy. From the agency perspective, the industry has been in upheaval for years now: Everything from the stability of terms to the very types of media themselves have changed and changed again. Add to the mix an inexperienced class of talent flooding inboxes and naïvely undercutting appropriate rates and slowly the sentiment grows that agents are only interested in talent once they’ve fully developed.

But that was 2018.

We offer up to all you VO newcomers this humble site, in the hopes of stopping these vicious cycles from churning any further in this glorious new year.

To all new talent, we’re so glad you’re here! We want you to find the answer to every question you’ve got about how to do voice right. Come learn how to protect yourself from getting scammed, because the rates and terms you take today erode or fortify the contracts of tomorrow. Learn how to approach agencies without pestering when you’re ready to turn pro. We’ve got studio specs and coaching recs, too.

Most of all, we want to foster a space where we can dish about the industry. A place for the truth, tough though it may be from time to time.

To the agents, thinkers and coaches, welcome, all! We hope to become your resource, as well. This year, we want to take a load off your shoulders. Let us be your answer next time you need an effortless reply to “Can I take you out for coffee and pick your brain about VO?” or “Everyone tells me I have a great voice, how do I break into this business?”

From this point forward, the simple answer is “Visit GetStartedInVO.com - start there.”


There’s been so much turmoil in the industry that, no matter how long you’ve been doing this or in what capacity, it can be hard to know which way to turn. It’s only natural to want to put your head down and look out for number one sometimes. We know the feeling, believe us. Developing Get Started in VO required vulnerability on our part: By putting our authority behind these concepts—even basics and best practices for beginners—we’ve begun to shape the industry’s future. If you pick up some useful take-aways, so will you. We’ve opened ourselves up to tech glitches and site refreshes, not to mention criticism, conflicting opinions and all the myriad responsibilities of communication.

But, when it comes down to it, isn’t communication what our business is all about?